Shooting again

For a long time I've been telling myself to fire up Lightroom, bring my large and heavy DSLR camera with me and get Koken installed on my web server. With a capable iPhone 5s and Instagram it has been too easy to just keep doing iphoneography and ignore classic photography all together.

I had to give the iPhone 5s back to my employer (who had to let me go, unfortunately). I'm stuck with an iPhone 3g and capturing photos for Instagram and Grid is not really working for me. The camera app in iOS 4.1 takes a whopping 5 seconds to launch so you can imagine what a world of hurt it is just to snap a picture.

Last week I stumbled on Like Knows Like's latest video. Watching the interview with San Francisco based photographer Helena Price made me visit her blog  Browsing through her portraits made me want to shoot again. So I took some photos of a friend. I enjoyed it. A couple of days later I had asked 4 others if they would have time to model and get portraits taken. And then I installed Koken a few days ago.


Summer is coming and with it lots of light. I can't wait to get shooting again. I will be bringing my camera with me as much as I can. There are lots of places in Copenhagen I haven't yet explored. It'll be great.

The Hello Copenhagen crewChristian (with the hat) and Maj Ji (on Christian's left) jump FTW. Hello Copenhagen

I have been surprised how much fun it's been to edit and publish old photos. There are so many photos I have forgotten about. Looking through my old Lightroom catalogs has been a journey of a sort. Most of the photos I've taken are all a couple of years old. A lot has happened since then. The photos I took of my former co-workers Michael and Ronni are a lot better than I remembered. Some of the photos from the Hello Copenhagen shoot make me happy and others remind of me of holidays, events and people I've forgotten. It's been great.

RonniRonni is a true superstar. Follow him on Twitter - @egeriis

I want to practice shooting portraits more. If you live in Copenhagen and want some portrait photos taken give me a holler by emailing me at angelo at arentoft dot org or tweeting me @agentangelo. To do this we need natural light. We'll either find a place somewhere in Copenhagen (outside), your place or mine. It depends. It'll be free and you'll get the photos I deem are good. I reserve the right to use some of the photos here or on my blog. Interested ? Get in touch.

Michael #2Michael invests technology in startups and works for Sortedam Ventures.