Rediscovering New York City and posting to Instagram

Sneak peek

A good friend asked me if I could take some shots at his brother's wedding. These are a couple of the photos I got.

Founder shoot

Today I had the pleasure of photographing a good friend. Mette is founder and owner of Gipsy Graphics (in Danish)  She is a graphic designer og designs book covers, websites and magazines.

Clouds covered the sky while we shot but we got by with the available light.

Spending some time with St. Prostitute

Saturday afternoon I found myself in a small room with 5 members of the band St. Prostitute. With my camera, a few beers and earplugs I shot the guys practicing for their next album. Check out the band on Facebook or the web.


Congratulations Caroline

Conny contacted me last month asking me if I could take some photos of her daughter Caroline after graduation. We met up today in Frederiksberg Park and spent 45 min taking different shots. Despite the torrential downfall earlier in the day the light was good and we managed to take some good photos.


The camera straps from Hard Graft are beautiful. My wish list has been updated.


Mille is a young tv-star. Once a month she participates in a Danish morning program.

Rather reluctant

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing at a confirmation. There were a lot of kids attending the event and most of them found me quite annoying when I came to photograph them during the dinner and breaks in the party. Fortunately they got used to me and I managed to make them interested in getting their shots taken. Here are some of them.


Photographing with your smartphone

I recently began a new job. Wth the job follows an iPhone so I'm back in game doing some much missed iphoneography. Mayby you snap your pictures with an smartphone too. If so you might want to take a look at the video below. Kai Wong reveals 10 tips to bring your smartphone photography to new heights. When you've watched the video hop over and follow me on Instagram.


Via PetaPixel

Summer evening sky

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? — it is the same the angels breathe."

Mark Twain, "Roughing It"


Chanel: Light and Time from Ann Street Studio on Vimeo.

New generation

Looking sharp

Her expression

A day of celebration and games with good friends

I spent Saturday with good friends in their summerhouse celebrating their son's first teen birthday. We played crocket, soccer and badminton, relaxed and ate hot dogs with home baked bread. We rounded the day off having (very) good cakes and coffee. These kind of summer days are the best.

Birthday boy

It's his birthday today.

Zach Arias gives tips on street photography

Petapixel recently posted a video with photographer Zack Arias walking around Marrakech, Morocco trying out the new Fujifilm X-T1 camera  In the video Zack gives some nice tips for doing street photography and gets dangerously near dancing snakes. Watch it below.

This week I followed

I'm a big fan of Instagram. I love the format and the quick way you can share photos taken with your smartphone with your friends and family. I regularly find new talented iphoneographers. These are some of those I followed this week.

adnz - Andrew - is a Belgium based art director. I discovered his Tumblr blog a while ago - Simpsonized. Every day he posts a drawing of a character from tv, film or a celebrity which he's turned into a Simpson character. There are a lot of great drawings. Some of my favourites are Rick (The Walking Dead), Frank UnderwoodMiley Cyrus or Arya Stark (Game Of Thrones).  Be sure to check out Andrew's latest project.

His Instagram feed shows some of his drawings in the making.

yorch_miranda plays with paper and makes art. And then instagrams it. Perfect!

ovunno - Oliver Vegas is from Barcelona, Spain. He takes stunning shots.

At the moment I am reduced to snapping Instagram shots with my iPad. My iPhone at the moment is the 3g model. From 2009! So the few shots I take these days are usually of things in my apartment. Not too exciting. I will return instagramming. Some day.