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When you can’t be at An Event Apart

So began yesterday. People like Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Jeremy Keith, Whitney Hess, Dan Cederholm and will present exciting and interesting stuff about how to make modern, standards based websites.An Event Apart

I find that by following the participants of An Event Apart I learn a great deal about the state of web design and development. I would love to experience the event and the speakers, but I have to do by hovering over Twitter streams and blogs.

A good way to start is by following @aneventapart on Twitter. An Event Apart has made their own Twitter feed agregator A Feed Apart. This is a great resource to learn what the attendees are getting out of the conference.

Goldnuggets of wisdom are to be found if you do a simple Twitter search for the hashtag aea.

Speaker and consultant Luke Wroblewski takes some great notes and presents them on his blog LukeW – Ideation + Design.
Check out his notes from 4 years of An Event Apart presentations.

Marc Drummond made some pretty exhaustive notes for the An Event Apart in Minneapolis and is really good at doing live Twitter coverage of the conferences he participates in. Check out his amazing coverage of the National Association of Government Webmasters conference. Go to his Twitter stream and look for tweets marked with “#nagw2010”

There’ll be a lot more blog posts out there about An Event Apart than I have listed here and I’ll update this post when/if I find more that I deem great.

Check out Luke Wroblewski’s notes on AEA San Diego
Photos from the event on Flickr

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