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Dance around Saturn

Looking down on Niagara Falls

As more affordable drones/helicopters become available I’m guessing we’ll see lots more of this kind of videos.

“My atoms came from those stars”

“The universe is in us” This is so great.

Are you creatively satisfied ?

The good people over at The Great Discontent have introduced a series of interviews of Brooklyn Beta conference attendees. The conference took place last October. TGD set up an interview station at the conference and recorded 138 two-minutes interviews. They asked people three questions and this first video is a highlight of answers to their […]

Point your camera in the right direction

I watched a video of photographer Giles Duley yesterday. His story of about he discovered photography and what he eventually decided to spend his time on. If you’re the least interested in photography I warmly recommend you spend 30 minutes to see Giles show some his spectacular photography and hear his stories. Via It’s Nice […]

Brotherly love

“We human beings gotta learn how to love one another” The last few weeks I’ve seen loads of links to this video, but I never bothered to watch it. I finally did and was moved by the energy and philosophy Johnny Barnes is able to put out here every day. We need more of his […]

Webventa interviews Jeffrey Zeldman

“Don’t make the same thing five different ways. If you have extra money, spend it on content. Spend it on photography. Spend it on better design.” Webventa interviews Jeffrey Zeldman at the recent Event Apart in Seattle. Transcript of the interview can be found in Webventa’s blog post. There are more interviews of the Event […]

My 2081 photos in 4:30

The other day I stumbled over Pummelvision while enjoying a quiet moment with a cup of coffee and tapping through the vast amount of unread RSS feeds in Reeder. Pummelvision is a new website by Jake Lodwick. It creates a video using the photos in your Facebook, Flickr og Tumblr account. With 2081 photos in […]

Robert Scoble interviews Danish 23 Video founder

Robert Scoble interviews Danish founder of 23 Video about the video web service, which recently launched an international version. Via a @bendix retweet.

CSS 3D transforms

Adam Grossman over at has dabbled with CSS 3D transforms. Most impressive. Via a @mezzoblue tweet.

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