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Litely photo presets

The Litely photo presets for Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture adds great looking tones to your photos. More on their blog. Via

Software for your new Mac

A former co-worker of mine (I’ll call him The Ninja from here on) has bought a Mac. He is a skilled web developer and know his way around Windows, but this is first Mac. Ever! As I have used Macs since 1990 I have politely reminded him of the advantages of the platform and how […]

Lego iPhone app

If you’ve got an iPhone and love Lego why not download the Lego photo app (iTunes appstore link). The app lets you turn photos into lego-brick art. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone any more and have not had a chance to try it but it looks to be well executed and it is free […]

When I get an iPhone…

QuadCamera will absolutely be the first app I download and buy when I eventually get an iPhone. Via swissmiss. UPDATE: Turns out Art & Mobile has more cool iPhone apps. Read more on their blog.

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