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Distortion 2010 – pillowfight

Last Thursday I took a short ride on my bike hoping that I would get to my destination in time. As I had been hovering over my keyboard too long I didn’t make it. I was on my way to photograph a giant pillowfight in Sankt Hans Torv. The pillowfight was a part of the […]

Waiting in Frederiksberg Park

I got a quick response from one of my contacts on Twitter to my post about portrait photograpy and we had agreed to meet in front of Frederiksberg Park. While I waited I snapped some photos to check out the light. The portrait photos of my Twitter contact turned out decent. I’m still postprocessing, but […]

Winter walk in Copenhagen

A trip to Fredensborg Palace

I spent a good deal of Saturday in the company of my friend Jesper Voetmann. We decided to take a trip to Fredensborg in the north of Zealand. The sun was out and it was glorious walking around Fredensborg Palace gardens. I should do this more often.

Photos of runners

Me and my girlfriend have been working on a private project for the last month or two. We’re finally putting the final touches on our new website www.lø and are really excited by the support we have received from friends, co-workers and runners. This Sunday there is a race (Marathon Start Op race – running) […]

Can't wait

In about 3 weeks I’ll be heading off to New York. Yup, that Manhattan place. Going from east to west, from lower to upper and all over the place. This will be my 4th tour to the big apple and I’m so looking forward to going and spending my summer vacation there. This time I’ll […]

A 100 m photograph

I like this project from Danish photographer Simon Høgsberg. Via Tjep

Poser's textures

For some time now I’ve been following Eric Clausen’s Flickr stream and blog. Though I’m not into wedding photography I do find Eric’s photos spectacular and refreshing. Now he’s launched a shop to sell some of the textures he uses in his post-processing and I would love to get my hands on them. The price of […]

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