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Litely photo presets

The Litely photo presets for Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture adds great looking tones to your photos. More on their blog. Via

Point your camera in the right direction

I watched a video of photographer Giles Duley yesterday. His story of about he discovered photography and what he eventually decided to spend his time on. If you’re the least interested in photography I warmly recommend you spend 30 minutes to see Giles show some his spectacular photography and hear his stories. Via It’s Nice […]

Parallel world

Parallel world, originally uploaded by Agent Angelo. A shot from my latest trip to Stockholm. I’ve been in a photographic slump these past few months and it felt good to be shooting again. We went by the new photo museum Fotografiska and I really enjoyed The Birthday Party portraits by Vee Speers. There’s nothing like […]

Distortion 2010 – pillowfight

Last Thursday I took a short ride on my bike hoping that I would get to my destination in time. As I had been hovering over my keyboard too long I didn’t make it. I was on my way to photograph a giant pillowfight in Sankt Hans Torv. The pillowfight was a part of the […]


For a while there I spent some time tumbling and this blog has suffered because of it. Well, I’ve been lucky enough to do some more portraits shoots. A bitterly cold Saturday January morning I met up with my former colleague Ronni Egeriis. We spent some hours at different locations in Copenhagen trying to cope […]

Portrait shoot #2: Mette

For my second portrait shoot I met up with a good friend. Mette had seen my post on Facebook and we quickly booked a date to do some portraits. Once again I learned some pratical stuff – don’t forget your gloves when you’re photographing in winter time.

Portrait: Marianne

While waiting for dinner to get done in the oven you might as well practise portrait photography.

Do you want your portrait taken ? For free!!

As you might know I like to photograph. I photograph everything I find interesting, but have found I especially like to photograph people and tell their stories. Lately I have felt I needed to kickstart myself to continue to learn and to keep finding joy in photographing. After viewing Dan Winter’s portraits last night I […]

Portraits by Dan Winters

I stumbled upon Dan Winter’s website via a photo of Brad Pitt scanning a Hustler magazine. (you might have seen the series of Brad Pitt photos in the August edition of WIRED) His portrait series of various celebrities are great. Actually I’d say they are stunning pieces of art. Wishlist updated with 1 ‘Peridical Photographs:Commissioned […]

Lego iPhone app

If you’ve got an iPhone and love Lego why not download the Lego photo app (iTunes appstore link). The app lets you turn photos into lego-brick art. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone any more and have not had a chance to try it but it looks to be well executed and it is free […]

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