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It’s animated, baby

It is no secret. I have never been any good at blogging. Or writing for that matter. At a point I thought 140 characters would be my thing, but even that did not pan out in the long run. Alas, pictures turned out a wee bit better for me (I am thinking Flickr, Tumblr and […]

Can't wait

In about 3 weeks I’ll be heading off to New York. Yup, that Manhattan place. Going from east to west, from lower to upper and all over the place. This will be my 4th tour to the big apple and I’m so looking forward to going and spending my summer vacation there. This time I’ll […]

Tumbling around

Lately I’ve found myself enjoying jumping from Tumblelog to Tumblelog and being amazed by the massive amount of cool and interesting content. I’ve found one Tumblelog to be especially cool. ck/ck lives in New York and is a graphic designer. According to his Flickr profile he’s new to photography. Only getting into photography in late […]

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