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Get up to speed on how to use and implement the @font-face rule in your web projects. You might want to check out


Are you tired of writing multiple lines of CSS code to get all the right prefixes ? Get over to prefixMyCSS and this nifty service will save you time and the frustration of remembering all the right browser vendor prefixes. Via a Bruce Lawson tweet.

CSS3 Generator

I’ve blogged about CSS3 generators before. Here’s another generator and it’s looking good. Designed by Eric Hoffman and coded by Peter Funk. Via CSS3 Watch.

Mad Men animation

I’m very impressed by the CSS3 animation of the intro from Mad Men by Anthony Calzadilla. Click on the screenshot to go to the animation. Via a Keir Whitaker tweet. UPDATE: Andy Clarke has blogged about Madmanimation.

Border Radius

Border Radius is nifty little tool to fast get some CSS3 border radius code. It’s made by Tumblr’s Creative Director Jacob Bijani.

Lea Verou’s CSS3 slides from FT2010

Lea Verou, a Greek front-end developer, recently gave a talk on CSS3 at the Polish conference Front-Trends. Her talk, “Pragmatic CSS” was about different aspects of CSS3 (read the official abstract). Read more about Lea’s slides and be sure to view them in Minefield (they’re a bit slow in Webkit browsers). They look fantastic in […]

CSS3 Generator

CSS3 Generator by Randy Jensen is a nifty tool to quick grind out some border radius CSS3 code for your project.

CSS 3D transforms

Adam Grossman over at has dabbled with CSS 3D transforms. Most impressive. Via a @mezzoblue tweet.

Sencha Animator

Sencha Animator Bouncing Ball Demo from Sencha on Vimeo. The Sencha guys have released Sencha Animator. A GUI application for the desktop to develop rich media animations for HTML5-capable devices. There are two editions of the Sencha Animator – the Standard Edition and Ad Builder Edition. You can download the Standard Edition as a preview […]

Hardboiled Web Design is out!

Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke about CSS3 and HTML5 and how you can use it for websites now is out. Buy it from Five Simple Steps. Before you do just that you might want to check out what others are saying about the book: Simon Collison Tim Van Damme Elliot Jay Stocks Joshua Rucker

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