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Form Follows Function

Interactive developer Jongmin Kim has developed a collection of interactive experiences made in HTML. There’s a couple of nifte examples in there. Check them out at!/main.


Ffffallback is a simple bookmarklet that makes it easy to find fallback fonts in your design. It works by scanning the CSS of the page in order to identify excisting web fonts. Via a Aaron Gustafson tweet.


Ceaser – a CSS Easing Animation Tool by Matthew Lein. Via Veerle.


Tired of browsers adding padding and margin to your layouts. The help is here. CSS:resetr makes you neutralize the browser defaults and get on with your job.


Get up to speed on how to use and implement the @font-face rule in your web projects. You might want to check out


Are you tired of writing multiple lines of CSS code to get all the right prefixes ? Get over to prefixMyCSS and this nifty service will save you time and the frustration of remembering all the right browser vendor prefixes. Via a Bruce Lawson tweet.

How the BBC use CSS

Keir Whitaker from Carsonified posted a link to “How the BBC use CSS” the other day on their ThinkVitamin blog. Quite an interesting read.

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