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Starting with HTML5

What do you need to get started learning and using HTML5 for your projects ?

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A good start would be reading Mark Pilgrims’s free and comprehensive . The text is also available in book form.

I highly recommend you read by Jeremy Keith published by A Book Apart. Check out episode #2 of The Big Web Show where Jeremy Keith was interviewed by and about HTML5.

If that is not enough get your hands on Introducing HTML 5 by Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp.

Not exactly a book about HTML5, but Andy Clarke’s recent book “Hardboiled Web Design” (take a look at the companion website) includes a chapter about HTML5. It’s mostly about the new semantic tags like section, article, aside, header, hgroup and footer. As I’ve mentioned in my private tweets Hardboiled Web Design is definitely a book that needs to be on you bookshelf (or your preferred iOS device). I found it an inspiring book and one that makes it obvious that you can and should get started with HTML5 (and CSS3) now. Not later.

If reading is not your thing Ontwik’s vast collection of [curated] videos is the place to go. Watch the . There is currently 17 videos in the HTML5 category.

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