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New books from A Book Apart

New books from A Book Apart

Yesterday A Book Apart announced 3 new books which will be coming out in the next few months.
The first book A Book Apart launched in June was “HTML5 for Web Designers” by Jeremy Keith. It’s been a great success. Only 85 pages long it’s a joy to read and gives you a head start in writing HTML5.

The second book to be sold A Book Apart is “CSS3 For Web Designers” by Dan Cederholm. You’ll be able to order it soon. If you’re interested in how you can use CSS3 for your projects now this book might just the thing to get you started.

Next in line for publication is Erin Kissane’s “The Elements of Content Strategy”.
Content Strategy is new to me and I’m slowly learning what it’s about. As a web project manager I like to know a bit of everything around web projects so I’m looking forward to hearing more about this. As Erin Kissane says on her blog:

“My aim is to produce a short, clear reference that deals with the roots, principles, core skills, and central processes of content strategy in ways that content people will find helpful, and that designers, information architects, and project managers will be able to use as they work with and around content.”

This sounds just like the kind of thing to get started in the field of content strategy.

I’m sure designers and developers are pumped about Ethan Marcotte’s book Responsive Web Design. Late in May he published the “Responsive Web Design” article on A List Apart. It certainly has generated a considerable amount of buzz about making your websites responsive to the device the user is viewing it on.
As smartphone use is exploding every website owner should start to think about giving mobile users a great experience and a good way to start is by incorporating responsive web design into the process of building sites.

“Responsive Web Design” will be published in spring 2011.

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