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My 2081 photos in 4:30

The other day I stumbled over Pummelvision while enjoying a quiet moment with a cup of coffee and tapping through the vast amount of unread RSS feeds in Reeder.

Pummelvision is a new website by Jake Lodwick. It creates a video using the photos in your Facebook, Flickr og Tumblr account.

With 2081 photos in my Flickr account I had to try it out. I’ve just got an e-mail back from the service that my video is ready (I ¬†authorized the service yesterday afternoon).

The video is 4:30 minutes long. For me it was quite fun to see all those photos and screenshots whiz by and realizing that my photography has evolved quite a bit since those early Flickr days in 2004 with a crappy point n’ shoot camera.

At the beginning of 2010 I told myself this was the year I was to push myself out of my photographic comfort zone. It didn’t happen. Now I’m thinking I’ll try again in 2011. Just maybe.

Enough talk. Here’s my Pummelvision.

My Pummelvision from Agent Angelo on Vimeo.

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