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Modernizr 2.0 beta

Modernizr starts 2011 off with a bang and releases the first beta of Modernizr 2.
Modernizr 2 Beta Preview

Modernizr is a JavaScript library that adds classes to the <html> element and allows you to target specific browser functionality in your stylesheet. Read more about it at

New in Modernizr 2 is that you can now limit it to just the tests and features you need and omit the rest. To do so you need to use a form to customize your Modernizr download.

Modernizr is developed and maintained by Faruk Ateş, Paul Irish and Alex Sexton.

Via a @malarkey tweet.

Go listen to SitePoint’s podcast #95. Paul Irish is the guest and the topic is feature detection in browsers. Paul Irish, being one of the developers of Modernizr, gives a good insight to what Modernizr is all about.

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