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Clean up your CSS with ProCSSor or just make it beautiful. Via a CSS Wizardry tweet.


A delightful service to get images for your web projects Lorempixum. Via a Konigi tweet.

Create your own grid backgrounds with Via Cameron Moll

CSS3 Generator

I’ve blogged about CSS3 generators before. Here’s another generator and it’s looking good. Designed by Eric Hoffman and coded by Peter Funk. Via CSS3 Watch.

Modernizr 2.0 beta

Modernizr starts 2011 off with a bang and releases the first beta of Modernizr 2. Modernizr is a JavaScript library that adds classes to the <html> element and allows you to target specific browser functionality in your stylesheet. Read more about it at New in Modernizr 2 is that you can now limit it […]

Do you find yourself looking for the right script tag everytime you need it ? Well, don’t waste any time bookmarking and copy the script tag you need for your project.

Lanyrd launches coverage

It just got a lot easier to keep yourself up to date. Lanyrd, the social conference directory, has just launched coverage of conferences. That means you can now go to Lanyrd and get an overview of video/audio and slides from a conference. Hop over to Lanyrd and view the coverage of the 2010 Fronteers conference. […]

Lorem Ipsum – for gangstas

Lorizzle break yo neck, yall yo mamma sizzle amizzle. Who doesn’t need some lively filler text for web projects. Get some more at Gangsta Lorem Ipsum. Via Swiss Miss

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