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Simple New York Times has a story about Twitters upcoming music feature/app.

Testing your responsive designs

Designer/Developer Matt Kersley has put together a nifty tool of testing your responsive designs. Following Ethan Marcotte‘s widely mentioned article on A List Apart in 2010 it seems everybody is getting onboard the responsive train. Just type the address of the site you want to test and soon you’ll see if it really is responsive.


Ffffallback is a simple bookmarklet that makes it easy to find fallback fonts in your design. It works by scanning the CSS of the page in order to identify excisting web fonts. Via a Aaron Gustafson tweet.


Bridges makes it easy to share a bunch of links. Paste in your URLs and BridgeURL gives you a shortened link you can mail of to your co-worker, friend or client. When the recipient clicks the link a page opens and shows the URLs you included via iFrames.


WeeNudge is a collection of links for webdesigners and developers to help out when you need some more information to ‘help’ your client to understand how things work and in what direction to move forward. WeeNudge is created by Paddy Donnelly and Jack Osborne. Via an Elliot Jay Stocks tweet.


Ceaser – a CSS Easing Animation Tool by Matthew Lein. Via Veerle.


Patternify is a CSS pattern generator by user interface designer Sacha Greiff (@sachagreiff) Via a Faruk Ateş tweet. Via Patternify: CSS Pattern Generator /by @SachaGreif — Faruk Ateş (@KuraFire) April 7, 2011


Tired of browsers adding padding and margin to your layouts. The help is here. CSS:resetr makes you neutralize the browser defaults and get on with your job.


Get up to speed on how to use and implement the @font-face rule in your web projects. You might want to check out


Are you tired of writing multiple lines of CSS code to get all the right prefixes ? Get over to prefixMyCSS and this nifty service will save you time and the frustration of remembering all the right browser vendor prefixes. Via a Bruce Lawson tweet.

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