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This video was played at the the beginning of the 2013 Apple WWDC keynote.

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Webventa interviews Jeffrey Zeldman

“Don’t make the same thing five different ways. If you have extra money, spend it on content. Spend it on photography. Spend it on better design.” Webventa interviews Jeffrey Zeldman at the recent Event Apart in Seattle. Transcript of the interview can be found in Webventa’s blog post. There are more interviews of the Event […]

CSS 3D transforms

Adam Grossman over at has dabbled with CSS 3D transforms. Most impressive. Via a @mezzoblue tweet.

Video galore –

If you like keeping your skills, know-how about webdevelopment and the myriad of languages up-to-date, but you’re day is filled with work and is keeping you from going to conferences to learn from the experts hop on over to You will find a large number of videos from conferences about web development, interviews and […]

Ryan Singer talk at Future of Web Apps 2010

Ryan Singer at Future of Web Apps, London 2010 from Ryan Singer on Vimeo. UI Designer and Product Manager Ryan Singer from 37signals gave a talk at the recent Future of Web Apps conference in London showing how creating a web app including modeling, sketching, HTML, Photoshop explorations, and moving from static mockups to live […]

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