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Form Follows Function

Interactive developer Jongmin Kim has developed a collection of interactive experiences made in HTML. There’s a couple of nifte examples in there. Check them out at!/main.

Testing your responsive designs

Designer/Developer Matt Kersley has put together a nifty tool of testing your responsive designs. Following Ethan Marcotte‘s widely mentioned article on A List Apart in 2010 it seems everybody is getting onboard the responsive train. Just type the address of the site you want to test and soon you’ll see if it really is responsive.

HTML5 Snippets

Looking for some nifty HTML5 and CSS3 code and examples of transitions and drop shadows ? Check out HTML5 Snippets. Via a Konigi tweet.


Ffffallback is a simple bookmarklet that makes it easy to find fallback fonts in your design. It works by scanning the CSS of the page in order to identify excisting web fonts. Via a Aaron Gustafson tweet.


Ceaser – a CSS Easing Animation Tool by Matthew Lein. Via Veerle.


Patternify is a CSS pattern generator by user interface designer Sacha Greiff (@sachagreiff) Via a Faruk Ateş tweet. Via Patternify: CSS Pattern Generator /by @SachaGreif — Faruk Ateş (@KuraFire) April 7, 2011


Tired of browsers adding padding and margin to your layouts. The help is here. CSS:resetr makes you neutralize the browser defaults and get on with your job.


Get up to speed on how to use and implement the @font-face rule in your web projects. You might want to check out


A first look at Animatable from Andy Clarke on Vimeo. The team behind Mad Manimation, which I blogged about earlier, has launched a video of their upcoming browser based tool to make CSS3 animations. The tool is works entirely in the browser. It’s called Animatable. Check out the video to see how easy it is […]


Are you tired of writing multiple lines of CSS code to get all the right prefixes ? Get over to prefixMyCSS and this nifty service will save you time and the frustration of remembering all the right browser vendor prefixes. Via a Bruce Lawson tweet.

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