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Designed in California

This video was played at the the beginning of the 2013 Apple WWDC keynote.

Simple New York Times has a story about Twitters upcoming music feature/app.

BLOKK – a font

Tired of using Lorem Ipsum text for test your mock-ups and filler text in web projects ? Try out BLOKK font.

Form Follows Function

Interactive developer Jongmin Kim has developed a collection of interactive experiences made in HTML. There’s a couple of nifte examples in there. Check them out at!/main.

366 days 366 seconds

Fonts. Lovely fonts.

Beautiful Web Type by Chad Mazzola. Type Connection by Aura Seltzer.

Brotherly love

“We human beings gotta learn how to love one another” The last few weeks I’ve seen loads of links to this video, but I never bothered to watch it. I finally did and was moved by the energy and philosophy Johnny Barnes is able to put out here every day. We need more of his […]

Testing your responsive designs

Designer/Developer Matt Kersley has put together a nifty tool of testing your responsive designs. Following Ethan Marcotte‘s widely mentioned article on A List Apart in 2010 it seems everybody is getting onboard the responsive train. Just type the address of the site you want to test and soon you’ll see if it really is responsive.

HTML5 Snippets

Looking for some nifty HTML5 and CSS3 code and examples of transitions and drop shadows ? Check out HTML5 Snippets. Via a Konigi tweet.


I seem to stumble upon a lot of icons these days. Geomicons is a lovely set of vector icons for web and UI design. They are made by graphic & UI designer Brent Jackson. Via a Rich Ziade tweet.

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