Agent Angelo


Software for your new Mac

A former co-worker of mine (I’ll call him The Ninja from here on) has bought a Mac. He is a skilled web developer and know his way around Windows, but this is first Mac. Ever! As I have used Macs since 1990 I have politely reminded him of the advantages of the platform and how […]

Little Ipsum for Mac OS X

Little Ipsum is an Latin text generator application for Mac OS X. I like these kind of tools. They are free, lightweight and useful when you need them. Via Swiss Miss

Sencha Animator

Sencha Animator Bouncing Ball Demo from Sencha on Vimeo. The Sencha guys have released Sencha Animator. A GUI application for the desktop to develop rich media animations for HTML5-capable devices. There are two editions of the Sencha Animator – the Standard Edition and Ad Builder Edition. You can download the Standard Edition as a preview […]

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