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Skimn – free app of the week

This week’s free app is the simple RSS reader Skimn. Skimn is made by Luke Beard and Nicholas Eby and availble in the App Store.

Untime – free app of the week

I am a sucker for iOS apps. Especially well designed, free apps. Untime is one of those apps. It is a simple tool. I use it to time my workouts for natural running (in Danish) or when I am waiting for the bread rolls in my oven to get done. Untime is beautiful and a […]

Read Mobile Design & Development online

Brian Fling’s book Mobile Design and Development (O’Reilly) is free to read online. Via Konigi


If you’re into spending time browsing Dribbble you might want to take a look at Hooppps. Works like a charm in Mobile Safari on iOS on iPhone and iPad.

CSS 3D transforms

Adam Grossman over at has dabbled with CSS 3D transforms. Most impressive. Via a @mezzoblue tweet.

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