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8 Faces #2 is coming

8 Faces frontpage

8 Faces is a magazine for lovers of typography by British designer Elliot Jay Stocks.

At first, the magazine was only going to be printed in a limited edition – a 1000 copies, but as the first edition of 8faces was sold in 2 hours. Elliot soon decided to

Elliot has written an extensive blog post about the process of making a print project like 8 Faces and the hurdles along the way.

“Right now, in an age of print-on-demand for real-world publication and iPads / iPhones / Kindles for virtual publication, it would — on the face of it — seem unwise to launch a magazine like 8 Faces, especially as it’s targeted at such a niche audience.”

Fortunately he has decided to keep going and by dedicating 25% of his professional time there will be more editions of 8 Faces.
Actually, you will be able to preorder #2 next week – November 10th. If you’re interested you should mark the date because demand will be high.

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